All You Need To Know


To ensure that practices are productive, we are asking for your help and guidance with the following:  

  • Practices are held every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm-8pm at Pape Field in August. 
  • Beginning the week or two after school starts (so early September), practices will move into the school gym (day/time TBD) two days a week and one day will be held at an All-Star Cheerleading facility (day/time TBD). While we are in the school gyms and at an All-Star Cheerleading facility, you will drop-off and pick up. 
  • Please note the 5 y/o team will only practice two days a week once school begins. 
  • Make sure your daughter is dressed to cheer (tank & shorts). NO flip flops, bathing suits, skirts, dresses, jeans, jewelry, etc.
  • Sneakers with laces
  • Hair should be pulled back (depending on length)
  • Have your daughter use the restroom prior to leaving the house
  • Come with sunscreen and/or bug spray already applied
  • Send your daughter with a drink (they will NOT have a snack break)
  • Do not allow your daughter to bring any electronic devices to practices. Should your daughter have a cell phone, we will ask that she place it on the side until practice is over. 

While we are outside for practices, a parent or guardian must stay at the field in case of bad weather. 


  • Drop-off: Please keep all of your daughters’ belongings with you (i.e. jackets, sweatshirts, pants, backpacks, etc.)
  • Hair: Please make sure your daughter’s hair is in an extra high Pony pulled straight back with no part.
  • Bow: The bow should be facing out on top of the BUN, like Minnie Mouse.
  • No!
    • Jewelry (earrings/necklaces/bracelets)
    • Make-up
    • Nail polish
    • Long nails (please, for the girls safety make sure their nails are short)
  • Socks: They needs to be wearing white no-show socks.
  • Competition uniform: Navy vest, skirt, shorts, blue bodysuit, and new sneakers.
  • Parents/Fans: Please try to sit with our parents, under our banner. Remember, we get points for fan interaction/response. This means you need to respond VERY LOUD (with tons of energy) for all our call-backs.


We are working to partner with another Football organization.  All teams will be scheduled to cheer for no more than four home football games throughout September and October. Once competition season begins, we will no longer cheer at games, but instead be attending local competitions. 

General Info

  • WBCA is for girls and boys ages 5 through 13
  • WBCA accepts applications from neighboring towns
  • 2019 fees are $250 (per child)

Interested In Joining