A New Philosophy


West Babylon Cheerleading is proud to announce our unique and revolutionary non-profit cheerleading association for girls and boys ages 5 through 13. No longer is cheerleading simply a sideline sport. Cheerleading will soon be an Olympic sport and is recognized as its own Section XI sport as well. While we will continue to support the sport of football, we also look to strengthen cheerleading as a sport in and of itself.

West Babylon Cheerleading provides a fun and safe environment for cheerleaders of all skill levels to learn, grow and compete in the sport. We want to give our cheerleaders the best possible advantage when competing against neighboring towns, while also preparing them for high school-level cheerleading. West Babylon Cheerleading Association is run with the cheerleaders and their program as its paramount goal. All fundraising will be solely for the benefit of the cheerleaders.

Superior Coaching

We understand the influence a coach can have on a child’s development and that is why we have taken great care in choosing our team coaches. Our multipronged approach to coaching encompasses instruction by student athletes, parents, all-star coaches and high school coaches. At every level we focus on safety, building skills and confidence, fostering a competitive spirit, and being a good teammate.     

Teams are coached primarily by former youth league cheerleaders. These student athletes share what they have learned and act as mentors to our young cheerleaders. Many of our coaches are varsity, all-star, and/or college cheerleaders themselves and bring a plethora of ideas and innovation to our young youth league. The student coaches are overseen by parent coaches who provide additional support and guidance. 

West Babylon Cheerleading Association also works closely with the West Babylon High School varsity team and their coaches in cleanup clinics throughout the season. The varsity coaches regularly offer suggestions and assistance to help make our routines extremely competitive. 

To round out our cheerleaders’ experience, we seek the assistance of all-star and college cheerleading coaches throughout the season.


Board Members

Andrea Snyder

Kristen Catapano

Terri Viera

Hope Hoolan